Experiential Marketing is the cornerstone of any consumer engagement program primarily because it is the most impactful way to form a connection with a consumer. It is personalized experiences that aligns with their wants and needs. At Blue Flame, we have applied the same philosophy to our Client-Agency relationships, encouraging our clients to participate in the same form of marketing tactics that create connections between brands and consumers… experiences! By sharing experience, we realize connections that are more personal - ones that wouldn’t normally occur in everyday business.

Prior to joining Blue Flame, I was Director of Strategic Partnerships at Reebok and one of my key programs was activating Reebok’s US sponsorship of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer/Avon 39. The Co-founder of the event agency I hired not only supported me by creating a kick-ass onsite engagement activation, but she also joined me and Team Reebok in the 2-day, 40 mile Avon walk! Talk about Client Service!! And the best part is, that person is Treva Cooke, who I now work with at Blue Flame! I believe her approach, her vision and perseverance to always do the right thing, coupled with her dedication to walk 40 miles with her clients, demonstrated her commitment to me, my team and the Reebok brand.

Treva walked the walk; she literally put herself in our shoes, thereby not only getting to know her clients more, but also gaining invaluable insight into our key audience in a completely authentic environment. I’ve found that the best agencies I ever worked with were the ones that not only got to know my brand, goals and objectives but also took the extra time and effort to get to know me; what drove me and what would make me successful. The extra bonus, some of the best bonding moments have been participating in really fun and challenging experiences together.

At Blue Flame we’ve taken this philosophy and created The Blue Flame Bucket List. We understand how valuable everyone’s time is, so what better way to spend it than by sharing an experience together; it could lead to great things for everyone.

The ability to spend quality time outside of work and share in a fun, inspirational experience is a great way to not only get to know each other but also create better communication and a better understanding of how to be a team. There is nothing like sharing in your client’s passions, overcoming an obstacle or creating a memorable experience to feed the energy of the relationship and create dynamic marketing programs.    

So tell us what’s on your bucket list, or take a look at ours and pick one. We’ll treat you to the experience of a lifetime, and best part is, we’ll make it happen!