Advancements in technology are occurring at truly incomprehensible rates. At times it’s as though technologies we read about yesterday have already become technologies of the past. In 1965 Intel’s founder, Gordon Moore, made an observation (later known as Moore’s Law) that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. In layman terms, this means that computers will continue to get smaller even as they get more powerful, which has proved incredibly accurate in the evolution of technology to this day.

There is no denying that technology has a profound global impact across industries and cultures. While opinions may vary about the adverse effects technology and our reliance on it, there is no denying the pivotal role technology has played in countless industries, and marketing is no exception. Technology has allowed marketers to become ultimate storytellers, allowing companies to immerse consumers in their brand, transporting them to undiscovered places and creating experiences that elicit a state of emotion like never before.

At Blue Flame we create experiences. No matter the campaign or the audience, the common thread seen throughout any program is to immerse the audience in the brand, creating unique and unforgettable moments. Strategies and techniques to achieve this have changed greatly over time, however more and more we’re consistently harnessing the power of new technologies to do this.

Whether it be augmented reality, virtual reality, photo/video, projection mapping, apps, motion activated and touch responsive programming or live streaming, technology allows us to tell brand stories more effectively, efficiently and creatively.

What’s most exciting about integrating technology into marketing, events and creating memorable experiences specifically, is the ability to create something completely unique. The technology at our fingertips today and the freedom and customization it allows, empowers us to be explorers and inventors. The tech environment is collaborative and manufacturers welcome and embrace tinkering and ‘hacking’ to promote innovation - it’s the ultimate in consumer engagement and interaction! The industry is a virtual pantry of tech, allowing us to pick and choose what we want and need to create the perfect experience.

With all this said, the key to successfully integrate technology into marketing initiatives, is not to overwhelm or outdo the human experience but to complement it. A person’s reaction and response is based on the emotion that is created from the experience; it is up to us, the creator, to determine the perfect dose of technology to create the ideal experience. As experts in consumer experiential marketing, Blue Flame has the unique ability to identify and harness the best and most relevant technological advancements and put them to work building brands, engaging audiences and telling stories for years to come.