Blue Flame has doubled in size over the past year.  This growth has been fueled by the support of our clients and through the incredible talent we have curated within the Blue Flame Family. Our gifted cast includes world-class designers, artists, architects, theatrical specialist, production craftsmen and client service gurus. Each of them brings a unique talent and contribution to Blue Flame, and it is our job to curate their skills and insights to cultivate superior experiences for our clients and their brands.

When we started Blue Flame in 2004, our goal was to create a company where our clients and teams understood that their success is our passion. We wanted our employees to work in an environment where they felt like family and were encouraged to live a full and valued life.  We understood that if we could hone in on this basic premise: our promise to do the right thing, to always innovate, and never forget the personal experience, we would create a better outcome for our clients and ourselves.

We are so proud of the work we’ve done over the past 12 years, but even more so, we are energized as we look forward at the road ahead.  Through commitment and passion for what we do, devotion to our clients, and a love of working together, the future will be brighter and more invigorating than we ever dreamed possible!  We look forward to sharing the experience with you!


Treva Cooke & John Millward

Co-Founders and Curators of Talent, Blue Flame