In today’s global economy, forging strategic international partnerships leverages an organization’s ability to deliver quality services and resources across a broader world platform, resulting in opportunities for greater innovation, shared ideas, and dynamic achievements. In addition to the benefit of delivering superior products for the best price, Blue Flame recognizes and celebrates the intellectual and artistic value of international partnerships and continues to foster and support integral relationships around the world.

Blue Flame was founded with an appreciation for international alliances.  During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT, partners John Millward and Treva Cooke developed a 17 day activation with 900 individual performances that incorporated and highlighted artists and athletes from around the world.  "We took great care in ensuring that a worldwide brand at this global event offered an inclusive and personal experience that was representative of the diverse audience that attended. It's a project I'm very proud to have been a part of,” says Millward. Since then, Blue Flame has produced projects in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, during which time the company has carefully cultivated unique affiliations with vendors to ensure the highest quality of production worldwide.

In 2014, Stefan Beese, came to work for Blue Flame as Director of Design.  Born in Flensburg, Germany, Beese’s early work focused on ‘temporary architecture,’ building exhibit displays for conventions throughout Germany.  In 1999, Beese moved to Los Angeles where he began working with the architectural design firm, Graft, and founded his own design studio, “beesign,” designing sets for independent films, network shows, and elaborate convention structures.

Beese knows first hand the value of developing partnerships that are familiar with the local resources. In 2007, Beese collaborated closely with native New Orleans production resources on The Pink Project, a public awareness art installation and fundraising initiative sponsored by Brad Pitt and Graft Architects to redevelop the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans following the Hurricane Katrina disaster.  “Without them, the project would not have been possible,” Beese says.  “They knew the community, local resources, and how to make your way through a city rebuilding.”

In January 2015, Blue Flame was contracted to build a highly designed temporary pavilion in Davos, Switzerland.  Stefan Beese led the design, leaning heavily on his broad experience in the medium.  Beese knew the importance of finding local assets to realize the fabrication and build of the pavilion.  Drawing on his experience and resources in the international architecture community, Beese forged a valuable partnership with Stefan Brogle, founder of Brogleworks in Zurich, Switzerland.  In addition to a shared name, the two artists shared an attention to detail, craftsmanship, and style.  Stefan Brogle brought a deep knowledge of local resources along with years of expertise in production to the table through his affiliation with Nussli, a leading supplier of temporary structures for events, trade fairs and exhibitions.  “Partners like Stefan Brogle are an important component of the Blue Flame team. He allows us to activate seamlessly no matter where we are,” says Cooke. Our relationships with vendors across the globe have not only inspired our design but they also ensure our events resonate and reflect the brand essence within each country and culture.”  Brogle’s local knowledge and experience combined with Blue Flame’s proficiency in design, client relations, and overall event activation bore a great symbiosis that continues to flourish today as Blue Flame expands the company’s global reach.

As travel between continents grows consistently more accessible and national economies become increasingly tied to a global market, the necessity for strategic international partnerships will continue to gain vital importance.  Blue Flame will be at the forefront of forging such partnerships, establishing important roots in the international community to cultivate ideas, inspirations, and collaborations that better serve the company and its clients.


By: Kelly Fenack
Edited by: Marne Sanuders & Charlie Smith
March 11, 2016