At Blue Flame, our unique approach to experiential marketing enables us to bring brands to life and seamlessly turn strategy into memorable experiences. Whether it be consumer engagement, event design or technology integration, we think through each customer touch point to strategically position our clients’ brands at the intersection of their customers wants and needs.

Blue Flame offers a unique and impactful methodology for achieving total brand engagement through our exclusive approach to casting, hiring and training Brand Ambassadors who are fully immersed in your brand.  We understand that content, design and technology are crucial components to telling a brand’s story, but it’s the personal connection that will “seal the deal” on any experiential marketing initiative.   

Industry research demonstrates that an expert at the point of purchase is the most effective way to impact consumer purchasing behavior. Consumers rely on this source more than mass media, friends or family.  Our experience and metrics have proven that the interpersonal connection a well-trained, knowledgeable, and passionate Brand Ambassador offers directly translates into positive association with the brand.   

Whether it be a brand ambassador welcoming a guest at the door, demonstrating the latest features and benefits of a product, or guiding guests to relevant demo stations based on their personal interests, our trained advocates are often the consumer’s only human connection to the brand. This one-on-one interaction is a critical component to connecting your key consumers to your brand story.

Through understanding the value and importance of brand ambassadors and the influence they have on the consumer behavior, we developed our proprietary 7 Step Brand Casting Process™ and Total Immersion Training™ programs. This proven technique transforms candidates from event marketers to product experts and brand advocates.

Our Brand Casting Process™ recruits from a small pool of qualified individuals who inherently embody the brand DNA. We put them through a rigorous vetting process to ensure we identify top candidates that have an innate affinity for our clients brand. We refine their skills and hone their brand knowledge to create the perfect spokesperson that rivals the expertise of our client’s own employees. Once hired, we employ our Total Immersion Training™. This program is customized and tailored to each specific event, as well as the individual roles/responsibilities of the Brand Ambassadors. We work directly with our clients to cover product and brand specifics, event activation details and Blue Flame protocols. Over the years we have perfected this process to create an on-the-ground extension of our client’s brand and ensure an optimal consumer experience and client ROI.

A favorite trade-story of our expert brand training that we like to share is when we implemented our Total Immersion Training for the staff of a mobile tour. Part of the tour included a game show activation that challenged consumers on their knowledge of the product. Our client, the CMO of the brand, was onsite at one of the activations and took part in the challenge and was competing against one of the truck drivers of the tour. Sure enough, the truck driver beat the CMO in the product knowledge challenge. We’d like to think our Total Immersion Training was partly responsible for his knowledge and victory.

This is just one instance from years of success stories that display Blue Flame’s innate understanding of how to best enliven your brand’s story through interpersonal connection.  Combined with our excellence in design and technology integration, Blue Flame creates engaging and unforgettable experiences that bring your brand to life.