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Blue Flame Culture: Passion Days

Blue Flame is in the business of delivering exceptional experiences for brands and consumers around the globe, we’ve also got talent. Blue Flame Passion Days are a time when our incredible staff can immerse themselves in meaningful experiences that expand their expertise, which helps them build our brand, enhance our team culture and engage our team in social responsibility.

Not only are our staff incredibly talented, but we pay them to express their desires and share their gifts with others! Passion Days are designed to encourage employees to express themselves through something that makes their heart race, replenishes their soul and allows them to engage in terrific experiences in the process. These passions can relate directly to an employee’s work life, but often times it allows them to pursue interests that lie outside their normal job function.

Blue Flame’s Co-founder, Treva Cooke, said, “We began offering these days to our employees because we realize the value of bringing a well rounded mind, body and soul to work. Employees who follow their passion come to work more focused and excited about their everyday life. Our company and clients benefit in the afterglow.”

Recently, Leah Arceneaux, a Blue Flame Project Coordinator, used her passion days to volunteer at the Drum Corps International Championship in Indianapolis. Leah has been a leader in Drum Corps for many years and was excited to keep that connection and spirit alive.

Leah said, “I have been passionate about drum corps since I was 16 years old. To me, the essence of drum corps (and marching arts) is the unwavering tenacity to create a flawless show that moves the audience. It takes dedication and perseverance to create the perfect production.  No one member’s contribution is more valuable, but as a team they create a beautiful piece of athletic art.  In many ways, I find the same is true of how Blue Flame works together as a team.  We consistently go the extra mile to create events that are not only successful, but meaningful to our clients.  Every contribution is valued, respected, and supported. By encouraging my passion for an activity I adore, Blue Flame not only gains an employee with renewed creative vision, but a person inspired to bring that same passion and tenacity back to Blue Flame and our clients!”

Opportunities range from volunteering with the Red Cross, to working on a Broadway show, to taking school kids to a local farm to learn about sustainability. We believe that by allowing employees the chance to chase their dreams and fulfill their aspirations, we strengthen our company values and contribute to the incredible culture of support and empowerment which is the foundation of what makes Blue Flame so unique.

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