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By Charlie Smith & Marne Saunders


Advances in communication technology have increasingly empowered and motivated brands to connect with consumers in a more dynamic and authentic way. What was once a single-sided conversation has become a personalized, interactive discourse. Gamification is now taking things to a whole new level, by transforming traditional business engagement techniques and turning it on it’s head, creating truly connected experiences.

Gamification employs entertainment and motivational gaming techniques, and applies them in traditionally non-gaming environments. The result is a unique and unexpected opportunity to amplify an existing core experience, and turn it into a high-stakes interaction that drives participation, loyalty and interest for your brand. Why it works; it taps into basic human desires, including the need for community, competition, fun and reward! Additional brand benefits; it offers the critical ability to identify and collect consumer data, insights and metrics.


Gamification Techniques

Blue Flame has been able to employ Gamification techniques, transforming otherwise traditional events. Late in 2016, we were presented with an exciting challenge from a German-based healthcare, life sciences and performance materials client to develop an innovative event that would launch their brand into the US/Silicon Valley market. Our solution was to create an immersive, Gamified event that included a platform that showcased their products and connected industry leaders.

Using multiple layers of gamified engagement we pushed the boundaries of innovation and seamlessly captured personal data and metrics, providing important insights into consumer patterns and behaviors. Personalized RFID wristbands encouraged guests to connect with product displays, live presentations, sound interactives, and other guests. Each wristband contained digitally stored personalized information allowing guests to exchange contact and job information with a flick of their wrist. Through a virtual reality headset experience to interactive light and sound installations to a virtual laboratory, we were able to pique guest’s curiosity in ways that were authentic and immersive. This one-of-a-kind programming allowed us to bring the products to life in a truly connected environment.


Why Gamify?

Gamification elevates event marketing by tapping into the very essence of experiential marketing. It provides a positive, lasting impression with a brand through entertainment. Connecting consumers with your brand through the lens of entertainment, inherently endears them to your brand and makes a positive, emotional connection that is more powerful than traditional engagement tactics. Adding this unexpected dimension to any event offers innovative and authentic ways to connect brands to a new generation of discerning consumers that have grown to expect it.

As Gamification continues to evolve, the opportunities to provide truly memorable and meaningful experiences to your consumers are endless and we are excited to pursue the limitless opportunities to keep consumers coming back for more!


Interested in Gamifying your next event or learning more? Connect with us at info@blueflame.events.

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