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Storytelling for Consumer Engagement

By: Marne Saunders

Storytelling is the backbone of Experiential Marketing, without it, ideas have nowhere to go. But if you don’t approach it correctly, you may end up confusing the audience, or worse, alienating them. At Blue Flame our approach is to integrate Storytelling into our consumer engagement strategies to ensure that our activations not only resonate with your consumers but also meet them at their level.  By simply changing the tone, manner, medium and language used, it becomes possible to create a truly compelling story that will evoke emotion, influence decisions and best of all, create a call to action.

Let’s see how this works when put into practice… Below are several introductions to telling the Blue Flame story. Each works respectively, but they aren’t interchangeable. The tone, manner, language and content varies wildly depending on the audience.

Dear Queen of England,

Unbeknownst to you living in your reclusive, privileged castle, where most of the inner-workings of common society go unnoticed, lies a whole industry that creates experiences for your royal subjects. You are not to blame that you are not aware, but whilst you’ve been busy Queening, who has been tasked with producing your Coronation?

Now, look at it this way...

Dear 3rd Grader,

Ok guys, eyes here! Today we’re going to talk about something called Experiential Marketing.  Ever heard of it? It may not seem terribly interesting to you but we’re going to play a little game that I think you’ll all really like. To get started, raise your hands if you like going to Birthday Parties!

And then there’s this...

Dear Communication Strategist,

We get it! Enhancing brand perception and influencing consumers is paramount to your success, but what you really need is guidance to make it all happen. Enter, Blue Flame. We are a Global Brand Activation Company. We push the boundaries of Experiential Marketing, providing consumers with a storyline that  focuses on their needs, amplifies the benefits of your brand, and compels them to act. We help you do your job better, and better yet, make you look like a hero! So who’s activating your next Live Event?

The best stories involve a personal connection and are told in language that is intrinsically relatable to the audience. It’s an age-old technique that instantly draws the listener in and captivates their attention.

Last month, The Growth Team at Blue Flame participated in a month-long seminar designed to expand our Storytelling expertise.  The take-away was every story is a thread that connects important details and individually piques consumers interest. Together it creates an impactful narrative that amplifies our client’s brand. By incorporating components of the story at each touchpoint of the Consumer Journey we are better able to connect with the audience on their terms. Beginning with the initial social media posts, the story comes to life and is built on the same trajectory as consumer engagement.

Stories can be told in an abundance of ways; whether it’s through Gamification, AR/VR, a creative video presentation or a customized art installation. We craft our narrative around the brand, pulling out the emotional touch points and using them to drive the concept development. By telling a compelling and insightful story in this way, we are able to create a unique event activation that inspires action and influences the audience’s perception of your brand.

At the heart of it, Experiential Marketing is about connecting with an audience by creating excitement in a live environment and planting a memorable moment that drives their passion for your brand. So when you are ready to start building brand memories from the bottom up, come talk to Blue Flame. We will help you build a story that cuts through the clutter and leads you into the hearts and minds of your most sought after demographic.

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