who we are


Blue Flame is a global Brand Activation and Production Company led by industry experts in design, fabrication, show services, and consumer engagement.  We approach each project with creative strategic solutions, combining years of industry experience with a desire to push the boundaries of event production through new technologies, refined building methodologies, and world-class customer service.  We are curators of innovation and believe that everything we do should enhance the brand to consumer relationship.  Our approach is collaborative and responsive, providing personalized experiences with specially crafted solutions for your needs.


We love what we do and we love working together.  We are artists, explorers, leaders, creators, and innovators in everything we do - always looking for challenges and problems to solve.  A passion for life, friendship, family, and happiness drives us and permeates our company culture, creating a supportive ecosystem that fosters a desire for excellence in our work and service.


Integrity, respect, and care.

A collaborative environment.

Commitment to the cause.

Empowering employees.

Fostering a healthy community.

Pushing the boundaries.

Exceeding expectations.

Nurturing creativity.

Taking ownership.

Doing the right thing.

Engaging with partners who share our values.


To elevate the lives of our clients, partners, employees, and target audiences through compelling experiences.


Our vision is to create a better, more inspired world through exceptional experiences that enhance, excite and enliven communities.  We will exceed expectations and drive ingenuity in design, service and execution.

Diversity & Philanthropy

Blue Flame prides itself on fostering a culture and climate that embraces diversity; not only in our own employees (50% Women, 10% Asian/Hispanic), but also in the partners, clients and vendors that we choose to work with. We strive to build relationships that value diversity and inclusion, and we are continuously working to strengthen our diversity and increase opportunities overall.

Community involvement and volunteering are also important components of Blue Flame‘s culture. We encourage our employees to support philanthropic organizations through our Blue Flame Passion Days program. Passion Days provide full-time employees the ability to volunteer up to 24 hours of paid time, per calendar year, to a cause near and dear to their hearts. The majority of our employees participate and/or support local and national charitable organizations each year.