Blue Flame hosted Yahoos internal Q3 2014 Hack on their Sunnyvale Campus.  This 2 day hackathon celebrated collaboration, learning and innovation using the worlds top technologies from both Yahoo Developer Network and global tech partners.  Yahoo developers from around the globe came together to build hacks and collaborate with fellow Yahoo employees to develop new products and product solutions.

  • 489 attendees
  • 148 hacks submitted
  • 24 hours of hacking
  • 5 hacks submitted to productization pipeline
  • Global attendees from India, Beijing, Israel, New York and Champaign

Blue Flame’s Role:

  • Management and installation of all A/V
  • Supervision of technical requirements for events with internal Yahoo partners
  • Managed all logistics
  • Onsite registration
  • Coordination of VC with external attendees
  • Tent installation w/ permits
  • Room floorplans and installation
  • Food and beverage
  • Graphic and digital installations
  • Brand ambassador management
  • Gifting  management
  • Post event fulfillment